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Centralised Management

A Vendor Neutral Software Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) or Intelligent Infrastructure Manager (IIM) solution that is about far more than the data centre. It’s about your entire organisation.

It’s about getting more from less by optimising the performance and value of all your IT assets. It’s about doing your part for a green environment by properly controlling your IT environment. And, it’s about ensuring your IT keeps up with your business, even as it changes and grows. 

CenterMind™ provides a single, comprehensive solution for managing diverse aspects of your data centre. It gives you full command and control of your network connectivity, service status, asset utilisation, environment and power management, and up to date location of your IP-based equipment.  

In short, CenterMind puts your data centre infrastructure management exactly where it belongs – at the centre of your organisation.  


A complete infrastructure command & control centre

CenterMind works online and in real time – just like your business. It goes wherever your business is, delivering intuitive visualisation and control of all your IT assets no matter where they are – in the next building or on the other side of the world.

CenterMind automates laborious provisioning, network planning, implementation and operational activities. You can streamline your costs, reduce downtime, improve service and maximize the capacity of your existing data centre and more. With integrated power and environment management built into the CenterMind solution, you can minimise power consumption and improve the sustainability of your organisation.


A holistic approach to managing converged IT operations

CenterMind provides a holistic view of and access to your entire data centre. It enables you to bring your IT and network infrastructure, people and processes together in an integrated IT operation that is aligned with your business goals. The result: lower OPEX and CAPEX.


This is a picture of a data centre device management

CenterMind Solution

A powerful cable, asset and environmental monitoring management software solution for data centres in todays ever changing network infrastructure. Providing real-time monitoring, configurable hierarchy, extensive reporting capability, centralised event logging and configuration and seamless integration with many network enabled devices.
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