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4way Switched PDU with IEC C13 sockets

Switched Power Control via IP with remote monitoring & management, including remote reboot to connected servers and network equipment for low density applications in remote offices.

This is a picture of a 4 way switched pdu with current monitoring
  • Web enabled HTTP
  • Remotely switch sockets on/off
  • 4 x IEC C13 10A Sockets
  • Current Amp monitoring
  • Control via Phone Dial

Features & Benefits

Power & Monitoring

Current Load (A)

Communication (depending on model)

10/100 BaseT Ethernet
SNMPv1, 2, 3
RS-232 (Serial)

Socket Protection

Circuit Breaker

Alarm Notification

Via Email & SNMP
Get notified on events, power warnings & any chagnes that may occur

Power Control

Remote individual control of each socket
Remote Current Draw
Sequential Programmable Power Delays
Firmware Upgradeable without interference to the PDU
Web browser control and configuration


  1. Control Power Switch of Remote Equipment via network or phone voice to replace the presence of the personnel
  2. LED panel to inspect total current
  3. It is equipped with overloading electric breaking protector to avoid overloading to cause device damage
  4. Auto on/off power switch with surrounding temp. by bulid-in temp. Seneor
  5. Execute Power On / Off / Reboot via Console to manage its performance
  6. Support Power Start sequence setting to prevent all of switches from starting simultaneously to cause sudden overloading and effect equipment working
  7. Provide 4 sets of accounts and passwords for your own setting to manage different power switches
  8. Pre-set Switch Start Time and arrange the working schedule for power supply
  9. By brief message and email warning to practice the instant surveillance and warning to important equipment
  10. Record the user's operating message and abnormal message to provide the user to check the case afterwards
  11. Provide API interface. The manager can develop the control software by himself
  12. Provide remote net firmware to renew the function
  13. Provide the function of IP and MAC address flitter that prevent unauthorized user from access the device

Screen Shots


Individual Outlet Control

This is a picture of a 4 way switched pdu web interface

Front View

This is a picture of the front viwe of a 4 way switched pdu

Back View

This is a picture of the back view of a 4 way switched pdu


Type: 2 way Switched PDU with Current Amp Monitoring

Dimensions 44mmH x 332mmW x 153mmD
Weight 1.6 kg
Network Interface
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps RJ45
Input Power Interface

85~264 VAC, 47~63 Hz
Output Power Interface

4 IEC C13 11A
85~264 VAC, 47~63 Hz
15Amps Maximum Output in total
Serial Communication

Console RJ45, RS-232 Level
Remote Control Indicators
Input Status Indicator
Supported Web Browser
IE 5.0 + , Netscape 6.2 + , Opera 6+, Mozilla 1.5+,
FireFox 1.0, Other browser which is compatible to above
Temperature 0° C ~ 60° C
Power Consumed 7W
Warranty Two years


 ※ The specifications may be changed without notice; contact our sales for the latest information.

Applications & Diagrams

This is a picture of a 4 way switched pdu application diagram


Outline Explanation

This is a picture of a 4 way switched pdu explanation of all ports

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