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TP One IP Enabled Software

This is a picture of a switchboard monitor via remote access
  • Monitoring Per Circuit Breaker
  • Carbon Managment
  • Measure Amps, Volts, Hz, Watts, Kw, Kw/hr, Carbon, Power Factor
  • Cooling Management
  • IP Connectiviy with programmable threshold alerting
  • Heat Management
  • Reporting on all circuits or grouped circtuits both single & three phase

Energry Management

Carbon Management

Cooling Management

Heat Management


Energry Management

“TP One allows us to bill on the basis of actual power use for each customer or sub group. It’s a great tool.”
– Springnet

TP One’s energy monitoring features allow you to bring energy use into the standard budget/forecast/variance process. We do this by allowing you to assign each circuit to a user, each user to a department and each department to a site. The result is that each user and department can now see their own energy consumption and can compare this to their targets. Because data is mapped to each end user, your Enterprise Manager can see exactly who is using energy and how much it is costing.

Computer server costs are driving energy use and cost. Over the next 3 years, you are likely to spend as much money to power and cool your computing equipment as you did to purchase these units. TP One is unique in its ability to give you kilowatt hour data by circuit and data cabinet.

   • View use and cost by end-user and department
   • See the energy effect of server virtualization and balance loads
   • Equalize the heat among your cabinets and drive down peak air conditioning costs

Carbon Management

“TP's system provides a comprehensive package for energy and carbon monitoring at a very attractive price.”

Carillion, PLC

You can Only Manage What You Measure
Carbon Management is front-and-centre for governments and businesses. The problem is, few of these organisations have been able to get a handle on their carbon emissions related to energy use. The principal of Management by Information says that you can only manage what you measure so, TP One provides a unique ability to measure and manage carbon emissions by user and group.

Bring Carbon into your Budget Process
By allowing each TP One user to equate their kilowatt hour to carbon ratio and then allowing each user to see their energy use and carbon emissions, TP One solves the information gap. Imagine setting carbon budgets by enterprise, department and users. You can simply manage carbon emissions the same way that you do with other line items. The result is that each user is empowered by having access to real-time emission data which they can compare to their own
budgeted allowance.

An Enterprise System for a Global Problem
TP One has been engineered from the groundup as an Enterprise-Grade System. The system can handle thousands of circuits at each location and thus, thousands of users simultaneously.

TP One gives each user the same level of security they would have when purchasing items online via credit card. Each user’s data stays under their control at all times. The combination of the highly modular and accurate EnerSure units with the TP One global management system provides a solution to managing carbon emissions for any sized organistaion worldwide.

Cooling Management

Cooling energy and cost can be larger than your IT energy load
Statistics show that most data centers use more energy for cooling than for IT loads. While cooling represents the largest energy variable in data centres, few actually monitor CRAC and chiller energy usage. EnerSure is the perfect tool for CRAC and chiller energy monitoring and, coupled with TP One, allows you to monitor and target your cooling needs to actual heat loads.

Don’t Overcool; Use Targeted Cooling and Save Energy
Overcooling is one of the biggest sources of data centre inefficiency. TP’s unique heat management tool is the only one that allows you to see actual wattage by cabinet. Our cooling tool then allows you to match cabinet heat with your actual CRAC kW/BTU’s. Our patented targeting solution is proven to save substantial amounts of energy and money.

Reduce temperature variability and increase equipment performance
Once you match your cooling to actual heat loads, you not only save energy, you also reduce the variation in cabinet temperature. Large variations in cabinet temperatures have been linked to shorter equipment life and reduced performance. Monitoring and targeting the proper amount of cooling to each cabinet is the key to reducing cabinet temperature variation.

   • Monitor kW and kWh by individual CRAC and Chiller units
   • Target cabinet IT heat load to CRAC cooling and save energy
   • Reduce temperature variability in cabinets and increase IT equipment performance

Heat Management

“A rack of blade servers can produce as much heat as two ovens.”
– techworld magazine

Heat Management is critical to Managing your Facility

TP One is the only product on the market that allows you to monitor heat levels in watts. It constantly monitors watts of heat being transported by circuits and maps that heat to the rooms, as well as data cabinets where the wattage is released as heat. Every watt of power used by lighting and equipment at your facility is released as heat and must also be removed by cooling in order to maintain a comfortable environment.

TP One provides the only proactive view of heat by providing a room-by-room or cabinet-bycabinet picture of wattage. By seeing actual heat trends, you can quickly highlight problems and focus on their resolution. Instead of adding and moving equipment according to hope and feel, you know exactly where to place equipment.

Switchboard Circuit Monitoring Web Screen Shot

This is a picture of a switchboard monitor via remote access

Energry Management

This is a picture of TP One's energy bill web screen shot

Carbon Management

This is a picture of TP One's Carbon bill web screen shot

Cooling Management

This is a picture of TP One's cooling web screen shot report

Heat Management

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Server Requirements to run TP One is being revamped and we will post very shortly.

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