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CREMS 2 Port Monitoring & Power Device

This is a picture of a 2 port CREMS with 2 port power monitoring device
  • Web enabled HTTP/HTTPS
  • 2 x Digital Input Ports
  • 2 x PDU Ports (Supports HE-Amp)
  • 1 x RS232 port for LCD
  • Real time monitoring of power & environmental

The PH-2 hasspecifically been designed with simplicity in mind, to provide single rack server cabinet with monitoring and controlling the level power and environmental monitoring, using a single IP address.


  1. SNMP agent optimised for rack management

  3. HTTP/HTTPS web interface for management and power strip control

  5. Support for 5 Network Management Stations (NMS) to access the unit

  7. Allows up to two power strips, monitoring, volts, amps, kWh, kVA, PF and Hz

  9. Monitor and/or control of 24 switched outlets per power strip

  11. Alternatively two CL-Amp units can be monitored

  13. Allows up to two auto sense analogue input channels per cabinet, which can be any combination of temperature, humidity, analogue voltage or open/close contact probes

  15. All alarm thresholds can be user defined and configured through an easy to use web interface or managed via SNMP for configuration and monitoring

  17. Optional display unit for monitoring sensor and power information outside the rack environment

  19. Support for 5 user logins with 3 levels, Administrator, Power Strip Controller and View Only

  21. LDAP login support

  23. Real Time Clock (RTC) with battery backup


Web Browser Screen Shot

This is a picture of a web screen shot for the PH2

Software Provided to Graph Current

The Software can measure up to 50 x HE-Amps (or 50 x PDUs) and 50 x temperature &/or humidity sensor ports

This is a picture of a UTPH-2 HE-Amp software screen shot


UTPH-2 Features

Internal PSU


Supports HE-Amp

This is a picture of a green tick

Supporting no. of PDUs (Monitoring volts, amps, kVA, kWHr, PF & Hz)


Unit Dimensions

Height: 27mm
Depth: 80mm
Analogue Interfaces
Temperature Range: 0oC ~ 70oC
Humidity: 30%RH ~ 85%RH
LED Indicators
Power Present: Green LED
System Status: Green LED
(Flashes at 1Hz to show unit alive)
Alarm Indicator 1: Red LED
(Under Sensor Port 1)
Alarm Indicator 2: Red LED
(Under Sensor Port 2)
Network Link: Green LED
(Embedded in RJ45 Socket)

Communication Interfaces

Network: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
PDU 1&2: RS232/RS485
Serial Port: RS232


Firmware upgradeable using serial download or TFTP download

LCD Monitoring

Optional 16 character x 2 row LCD showing:
Volts, Amps, kVA, kWh, Power Factor & Frequency


Remote switching with max 24 individual switchable outlets, max switchable current 16A

Port Communication

RJ45 socket: Supports both RS232 & RS485 serial port
communication protocols inputs for connecting &
monitoring the PDUs

Web Interface

This is a picture of a green tick

SNMP Support

This is a picture of a green tick

Email Alarms

This is a picture of a green tick

Syslog Support

This is a picture of a green tick

TFTP Upgradeable Firmware

This is a picture of a green tick

LDAP Support

This is a picture of a green tick

Real Time Clock

This is a picture of a green tick

SNTP (Time Protocol)

This is a picture of a green tick
Input Power 6.3mm Power Jack, 12VDC @ 800mA
Unit Connections
Network: RJ45 with Link and Traffic Indicators
Sensor Ports (2): RJ45
PDU Ports (2): RJ45


Non Invasive Power Meter Kit

This is a picture of a Non invasive power meter kit

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